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Angiographic Catheter

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AP Technologies

Angiographic Catheter


  • Wire braided construction for high torque, stability and control. Customizable shaft material offers varying degrees of flexibility and hardness.
  • Excellent catheter shape retention provides maximum reliability for prolonged operation.
  • Soft atraumatic bumper tip prevents damage to vessels and tissue.

Pressure Limit

  • 4F ≥800 PSI
  • 5F ≥1100 PSI
  • 6F ≥1200 PSI

Optimally Balanced Torque

  • High performance torque and excellent pushability. The combination of braid wire configuration and catheter shaft materials ensures ease of tracking through complex vessels.

Industry Leading Tensile Strength

  • Maximal tensile break forces are maintained throughout the co-axial and tip segments of the angiographic catheter. Tensile tests for AP Tech’s 5F catheter show and average tensile break force exceeding 32N and 22N respectively. This vastly exceeds most comparable catheters on the market as well as the industry minimum standard of 10N.

Kink Radius

  • Our catheter is measured for consistent kink resistance to ensure exceptional maneuverability.